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news duh

2008-07-20 13:38:33 by WOWCOOLDUDE

in atlanta GA a toddler was killed by an ice cream truck accident.Here's the story. While their parents were on a cook out. his father was on the grill. he was right behind a second ago, but when he turned around the child was nowhere to be seen. thirty minuites later theyfoundhim dead. it seems that he was chasing the truck and got sucked it the tire. the driver didn,t see him so he wasn't charged anything. sad, there was a chance that it would just run over his legs, and paralyse them.


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2008-07-20 13:46:54

Well, he was young, the parents can start over.


2008-09-19 23:43:15

i think that would be too hard on them and make them feel selfish of having another